Boo Radley, One True Dog

Border Collie to the Stars


Physical Description:

Breed:           Border Collie, Smooth Coat

Age:              1.5 year, DOB 3/7/12

Sex:              Neutered Male

Color:           Black and white

Height:          23 inches

Weight:         50 pounds

Length:         29 inches


Boo Radley is an extraordinary border collie with a wonderful temperament. He is a friendly dog who gets along with other dogs, people, children and cats. Boo Radley is housebroken and responds to voice commands and hand signals. He is an expert Frisbee catcher and swimmer. When not exercising, Boo is a calm animal that can occupy himself for hours with a bone or chew toy. Boo resides 60 miles from New York City in Norwalk, CT with his owners and two cats. He is available to travel


Boo received early training for Dog Gone Smart in Norwalk, CT. and was home schooled. He obeys over 50 voice commands, from your typical “sit and stay” to bringing a tissue when you sneeze to collecting toys by name. He is clicker trained and can learn a new command in a few hours.

Health and Grooming: Boo is up-to-date on all vaccinations and receives regular examinations from Norwalk Animal Hospital, Norwalk, CT. He is bathed and brushed regularly. He is kept flea-free with organic internal herb powder and topical sprays. He is licensed in the City of Norwalk


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